Janet Kuller Watercolors
Janet Kuller Watercolors
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    Welcome to my website

    Painting in watercolors has been my joy as well as challenge for the past 30 years.  I used to paint in oils and acrylics but when I discovered the beautiful luminous effect that only can come from watercolor, I switched to paint exclusively in watercolors and never looked back.

    While living on the shorse of Lake Erie, water themes, tall ships and small boats were the subjects of my paintings.  Thirty years ago I moved to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and immediately was captivated by the beautiful countryside with its rustic old barns and other structures.  Covered bridges and old barns became the subject of many paintings.

    Painting flowers, up close and personal, also became a passion.  I love to study the intricate design and working of flowers.  Also flowers are soft and luminous which is then a perfect subject to be rendered in watercolor.